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Coach, Doodles Expressionist + Mind-shifting Mentor

Empower Your Journey to uplevel your life.

Coach Tommy is dedicated to helping you navigate the journey towards self-discovery, healing, and crafting a life filled with joy that can present its challenges. My commitment is to accompany you through this transformative odyssey, facilitating the connection with your authentic self, breaking free from feeling stuck, nurturing emotional healing, shedding unhealthy patterns, and empowering you to manifest a life harmonious with your deepest aspirations.

Weekly 1hr Zoom calls

Worksheets, mind maps, journal prompts

Accountability, text + email support

In-Person Beach meditation for local clients

Our Discovery Calls

In our 30-minute session, we’ll clarify your objectives, identify the changes needed, and strategize how to achieve improved results with ease and confidence. Additionally, we can delve into whether coaching aligns with your needs and aspirations.

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1-on-1 Sessions

Virtual life coaching sessions or in-person. Located in St. Pete Beach, FL

Step into a transformative journey tailored exclusively to you with our personalized 1-on-1 life coaching sessions. Guided by Coach Tommy, each session is a safe and empowering space where you can explore your goals, challenges, and aspirations with unwavering support. Through insightful conversations, practical exercises, and personalized strategies, you’ll unlock your true potential, cultivate self-awareness, and map out a clear path toward your desired outcomes. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your relationships, boost your confidence, work through addictions, inner child work,  or cultivate a deeper sense of fulfillment, healing from toxic relationships, 1-on-1 sessions provide the dedicated guidance and accountability you need to thrive. Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

Elevate Your Life: Transformative Life Coaching to achieve inner freedom, clarity & live your true self.