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Elevate Your Self-Worth, Embrace Your True Self, and Thrive with Personal Growth through Cultivating Healthy Boundaries.

Where Creativity Meets Healing & Personal Growth. #writetoheal

We are the only one in the way of our own joy & growth

Find your purpose. Learn how to love yourself & allow others to love you.

  • Gain clarity & self-awareness into non-serving thoughts & actions.

  • Discover your passions, hobbies, and life goals.

  • Resolve challenging relationship conflicts & patterns

  • Create healthy self-care boundaries and habits.

  • Behavioral changes include;  Addictions, breaking the cycle of dysfunctional families, and childhood trauma.

  • Enhance self-esteem & self-love

  • Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • Heal the root by discovering the needs of your inner child

My Services


1-on-1 Sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions offer personalized support and guidance tailored to your unique goals and challenges, empowering you to unlock your full potential and achieve lasting personal growth and fulfillment. Through focused sessions with coach Tommy, you gain clarity, accountability, and practical strategies to overcome obstacles and thrive in both your personal and professional life. Zoom sessions or in person.

In-Person Workshops

Workshops provide a dynamic environment for interactive learning, fostering collaboration and creativity among participants. Through engaging activities and expert facilitation, workshops offer practical skills, insights, and inspiration to help individuals and teams grow, innovate, and achieve their goals effectively.

Virtual Group Workshops

Virtual group workshops for life coaching offer a supportive and enriching environment for individuals seeking personal growth and development. Hosted online, these workshops provide an opportunity for participants to explore key aspects of their lives, set goals, and gain valuable insights with the guidance of Coach Tommy. Through a combination of interactive exercises, discussions, and reflection activities, participants delve into topics such as self-awareness, goal-setting, resilience, and interpersonal skills.

About Me

I grew up in a dysfunctional family where most of my life I thought I grew up in a normal household. Dad was an alcoholic, Mom was emotionally neglectful, and an older sister was emotionally abusive. I wasn’t given any coping skills or the tools on how to emotionally regulate or feel & validate my feelings. My way of escape was drinking for many years starting in my early teens.   Then, after years of being a dry drunk, I lived through most of my adult years not knowing how to navigate my emotions, unable to validate feelings, not having a voice in relationships, not knowing what a healthy relationship was and not realizing I was a wounded child in an adult body.  I started my journey of healing, self-awareness, and personal & spiritual growth. To live as my true self –  a journey of self-discovery. Finding clarity & inner freedom. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment? Meet Tommy, your trusted guide to navigating life’s challenges and unlocking your true potential through a unique blend of life coaching, doodle expressionism, and mind mapping. Whether you’re healing from toxic relationships, and addictions,  seeking to build healthy connections, or cultivating personal and spiritual growth, Tommy’s innovative approach will empower you to create the life you deserve.

Transform & Elevate Your Life.   #Doodlesbytommy

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